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The nation of Indonesia is a land of many cultures. There are thought to be more than three hundred languages and cultures that make up the lives of the two hundred million people living there.

Javanese Wedding CeremonyIndonesia herself is made up of more than 13,677 separate islands. Because of the wide variety of cultures, this has made an impact on ceremonies of marriage that are performed there. Every Indonesian wedding has a particular ceremony that is based on the family's cultural beliefs. The ceremony of marriage is not just a joining of two people, but a bond between the two families as well.

Before the Wedding

It is said that the mutual and sincere love that exists between a man and woman should ideally end in marriage. There are places in Indonesia where a couple marries because their parents wish it or because they themselves do. An ancient proverb of Java says, "Love grows as you get more used to each other." This is a lesson we can take for the present.

The Siraman Ceremony of Marriage

The word Siraman in English can be translated to mean to take a bath. The couple participating in this ritual strive to clean their bodies and souls. This ritual usually takes place in the afternoon, the day before, at the house of the bride for her, and at his home for the groom. The people who participate in bathing the couple is also very important. Elder woman are especially prized for the impeccable behavior and morals they display. When giving Siraman, there are usually up to only seven people involved.

Another important aspect of this Javanese ritual is the offering or the Sajen. The meaning of this is deep and symbolic. It is the request for protection from the Creator, our God. It is the way that ancestors are remembered so their souls live in eternal peace and to ask them for their blessings.

Find Out More

A Javanese wedding ceremony is rich in symbolism and rituals and it a beautiful event in which to participate. If you are interested in finding out more about the cultural traditions along with the proper rituals that accompany it, do your research on the internet or by asking your friends and relatives of Indonesian descent. It will surely please the families involved as well as the couple who are ready to take their marriage vows.


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