Bali - A Little Honeymoon Paradise

As honeymoon hideaways go, Bali may not immediately spring to mind; a destination which in recent years has become more commonly associated with backpackers' hostels then boutique hotels. Don't let this misconception fool you though, Bali still boasts all of the wonder and excitement of South East Asia, it marries that inimitable IndoAsian complex which makes it a completely unique and wondrous honeymoon destination. See it in the faces of the people you walk by, taste it in the food and live it in the architecture and the atmosphere that surrounds you, Bali is a melting pot of thoughts, feelings and cultures.

The world's largest archipelago, made up of over 1300 individual islands, Indonesia is nothing if not eclectic. Located at the most eastern point of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Bali is separated from its neighbour island of Java by the Bali Strait. Bali has gained the rightful reputation of being the tourist capital of Indonesia and despite a recent upsurge in tourist numbers, has for years been a haven to discerning travellers. Don't let this put you off though, the island is after all popular for a reason, because of its incredibly varied and vibrant cultural development and natural beauty, but these areas are concentrated very much to the south of the island, the townships of Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur for example; there is still so much to be unearthed and experienced in this magical place, coupled with the excellent facilities and tourist infrastructure which have been established as a result of the tourist boom.

Bali offers something for everyone, from its stunning beaches, stunning coral reefs, bustling metropolitan centres, colourful nightlife and it was for this reason the island was named the world's best island destination at Travel + Leisure Magazines annual awards in 2010. Also to receive an award was Four Season's Jimbaran based Bali Resort which was named as one of the best spa resorts in the world. The Four Seasons goes to exemplify the standard of accommodation available in Bali that will make a honeymoon here exclusively luxurious. You can choose from remote forest getaways, beach villas, slick high-rise city hotels and everything in between.

Bali's position within the Indonesian archipelago also means that it is ideally positioned as an intermediary between Australasia and South East Asia, for so many Bali offers the perfect way point in a tour of the Far East, between the western glamour and bright lights of Australia and the fascinating culture and breathtaking beauty of the ancient orient.

With 9 out of every 10 people following the Hindu religion, the peaceful, polite and welcoming locals will make your stay a joy and the architectural landmarks of this spiritual devotion are a must see for any culture vulture, the temples and shrines are spectacularly ornamented and an excellent insight into a wonderfully pious and proud nation.

Bali is the ultimate honeymoon destination, peerless natural geography and a beautiful culture, few other places on earth can offer the kind of diversity and delight that Bali will bring to you, ensuring that your honeymoon will live long in the memory as a cherished and exhilarating experience.


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